Wonderful Wednesday #7


This week has flown past, like a kite in the wind I'm trying not to let it go. I have a lot of happy memories from the weekend. My best friend is getting married in May and as chief bridesmaid it was my duty to organise her hen do.

Hens - We started the day at 8 with everyone moaning it was too early. I told them to trust me it would be worth it. We drove up to Bristol and had a full day of fun activities. it started with AirHop, a big indoor trampoline park. We bounced and bounced feeling young again, jumping into foam pits and laughing so much. As we were leaving AirHop we passed loads of little kids shouting to get in. It was then the hens thanked me for getting up early. We then had lunch at Las Iguanas, yummy food and cocktails.
The afternoon activity was locked in a room. I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy this puzzle based game but I really had a lot of fun. We were put into teams and had to solve clues within a room to unlock the 4 padlocks on the exit door. We had an hour to get out, we manage to get out with 2 minutes to spare. It got the adrenaline going watching the clock tick down. After we escaped we enjoyed the sunshine and played the typical hen party games.  I left the evening plans to another bridesmaid. I am not one for going out on the town. I made my apologies and left for home happy and exhausted.

Hot cross buns - I don't know how it happened but I forgot about hot cross buns this year. I saw them reduced in M&S after Easter and had to buy a few packs. I love a hot cross bun and a coffee as a late morning pick me up.

Spring cleaning - Every room in the house has now had a good clean and been de-cluttered. The part that is wonderful is after the big clean sitting down with a cup of tea with that sense of satisfaction.

Leftovers - I cooked a big roast dinner on Sunday for the husband and me. We had lots of leftover chicken and vegetables. So Monday night made mash potato and added the leftover veggies and chicken to make bubble and squeak. So quick and easy to make and so tasty.

I don't know if next week will top this but I'm sure going to try.
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