Happy Easter

I remember when I was a child I received Easter eggs from my parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles. One year I ate all my chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, needless to say I felt very sick after that. I never did that again.
These days Easter is a lot more mellow for me. I pace myself with eating the Easter eggs - one a day over the Easter weekend is good.
I came across this beautiful blog post by Victoria's Vintage and was instantly inspired and jealous of her Easter decorations. I went out and bought these nests and chicks from Poundland.

These look pretty dotted around my lounge. I imagine they would also look good glued on a Easter bonnet. At school I remember there was always a controversy over the Easter bonnet competition. If the Easter bonnet looked too good people would be suspicious that the parents had decorated the bonnet.

This week I also made the traditional Easter nest cakes.
So easy to make and they taste yummy.

What are your plans for Easter? Have a great weekend.



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