Wonderful Wednesday #5

This week really has been wonderful. As I'm working Easter weekend we decided to make the most of the weekend before. I had a lovely 3 day weekend. So grab a cup of tea and let me share my wonderful moments with you. 

On the Saturday we went for lunch with friends in a little cafe. We hadn't seen these friends for at least a month so we had a lot to catch up on. The main topic was their upcoming wedding in May. Lunch was followed by a walk in the park as it was a beautiful sunny day.  Its a lovely large park which has a woodland, a lake, streams, play area and a cafe. As you can imagine it's very popular when the weather is nice.
We came across this impressive swans nest, i can't wait to see the baby swans.

Sunday my husband and I had a really traditional British Sunday. I cooked a Roast dinner, followed by a walk, a trip to the local DIY store and then the garden centre. When did I become my parents?

On Monday me and the hubby took the train to the seaside. Weymouth is a traditional seaside town in Dorset. As soon as we got off the train we rushed, hand in hand, to the beach. As soon as my feet sunk into the fine golden sand I felt all my stresses wash away. After a walk on the beach we headed for the harbour. For lunch was fish and chips of course. After lunch we browsed the shops before returning to the beach.

Tuesday was back to reality with a bump. Back to work to earn some pennies. Although there was a wonderful moment at work when they told us we got a decent pay rise this year. 

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