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Wonderful Wednesday #6

Where are the April showers? The sunshine is still here and has contributed to many Wonderful Wednesday posts this month. Here's the wonderful moments I've had this week.
Easter - I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I ate a lot of chocolate, decorated the house with chicks and nests and made Easter nest cakes. Not much else to say about Easter as I spent the weekend working. 

Knitting - I spent Friday afternoon knitting a daffodil, I'm planning to knit a spring wreath. I have so many craft projects to complete though so it may be summer by the time I finish the spring wreath.
Winning - My work has a Easter raffle every year and this year I won a smarties Easter egg and some perfume. My work colleagues get jealous as I seem to always win something on the raffle. You've got to be in it to win it! 
Tulips - The daffodils are going over now, but the tulips are now flowering. Tulips come in so many different colours now. I'm really enjoying the two toned tulips…

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