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Wonderful Wednesday #18

It's been a busy week for me, even finding time to sit down to write this was difficult. Let's get on with the wonderful list before I find another job that needs doing.

Anniversary! - Last Wednesday was our 2 year wedding anniversary. I received some beautiful yellow roses. We got a handful of cards from our family. It really doesn't feel like 2 years ago that we got married, I still remember everything special about the magical day.

Carpets! - I've got to that age where I am excited about flooring. Hubby and I spent a good hour looking at carpets and vinyl to furnish our new house.  On the way home we went to look at how the new house is coming along. Although we are not allowed on the building site the builders were taking down the scaffolding so we got a good look at the outside of our house. Exciting times!

Hen do - My mother in law is getting married in November and Saturday was her hen day. We spent the morning at a spa followed by a picnic lunch. In the aftern…

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