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Wonderful Wednesday #12

Happy Wednesday! What a beautiful sunny week it has been. I've been enjoying summer this week so this really will  be a wonderful Wednesday list.

Strawberries - Big red, juicy strawberries eaten on a summers day. The ones I've had lately have been so sweet that no sugar or cream is needed.

Garden days - I spent most of the weekend just sitting in the garden on my wooden furniture and the parasol up. I had my book to read and a puzzle book to finish, I felt very relaxed in the garden. The herbs are growing and smelling beautiful. The rose has flowered and the daisy's have sprung up in the lawn. It was my mother in laws birthday, we bought her a tea cup planter and I planted it with Lobelia. It looked good on my patio, I was tempted to keep it, but it did make it to her garden.

Ladybirds - It's still June so it's still 30 Days Wild the last few weeks I've been keeping a keen eye out for wildlife. Walking down the path just round the corner I've spotted lots …

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