Wonderful Wednesday #4

Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday. Here's what I've been appreciating this week.

Putting my feet up - I bought new work shoes and it's taken me a few days to wear them in. When I was younger my mum used to make me wear my new school shoes around the house to "get used to them". I always hated doing it as it meant the summer holidays were coming to an end. Now my sore feet are starting to understand that mum was right.  So this week I've been enjoying taking off my work shoes and putting my feet up.

Garden plans - I've been sewing flower seeds in seed trays and have placed them in the window. So far I have Marigolds and Nigella (love in a mist). I have to plan carefully this year as we are hoping to move house. My plan is to fill pots with colourful flowers and useful herbs.

Podcasts - I heard about this podcast from  fellow Wonderful Wednesday Bloggers -Peta who said "It will make your year" and Michelle who said "its a proper belly laugh". Its called my dad wrote a porno. Thank you ladies I put it on when I'm doing the housework and it really does make me laugh.

Happy cows - I love cows! Have I told you that yet? I went for a walk with my mother in law on Monday, she is not a cow I must point that out. On this walk around a rural village we noticed a tractor unloading a trailer, and what was in the trailer you ask? Cows! These cows had probably been stuck in a cow shed for winter and they ran all the way around the field, so excited to see grass. There was a calf who you could tell had never tasted grass before. As you can tell this made my day. I had to stand on a stile on the other side of the road to see over the hedge so you can't see the cows smiles from this photo.
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