Wonderful Wednesday #23

I missed wonderful Wednesday last week. The last few weeks have been far from routine. I'm currently working for a healthcare agency. I can pick my own hours and have been to a wide range of places so far. It's really interesting and you have to quickly adapt to new environments and people. The last week has been a sunny one. Here's my list of wonderful moments.

Beach - Last week hubby and I took an impromptu midweek visit to the beach. We drove down for lunchtime and spent the afternoon there. We sat outside with the sun on our faces looking at the boats in the harbour, eating our fish and chips. After lunch we walked along the pebble beach, It was a lovely spring day.

Hobbycraft - I never pick up a basket when I go to Hobbycraft because I know I would fill it, which wouldn't be good for my bank balance. I'm even closer to the nearest Hobbycraft now we've moved. I picked up a few items for a craft project I'm making this week. Hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished project next week.

Gardner's world - does watching this make me old? To be honest I just don't care. I find gardeners world the most relaxing program to watch on a Friday night. It's great for getting ideas for my own garden. Which I have finally been able to start digging. I'm quite often saying Monty Don told me I should be doing this.

Sunshine - of course this has to be mentioned. What a lovely week of sunshine we have had. I've been able to get out in the garden and go out for lovely evening walks. Sunshine really does make me happy.

Let's hope the sunshine continues. Have a wonderful week!


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