Wonderful Wednesday #22

I must admit I forgot it was Wednesday. This week hasn't really had any routine. I'm writing this on a grey and wet Wednesday, not very inspiring for being creative but we'll put together a good list anyway.

Oxford - Hubby and I spent a weekend away in Oxford. We both needed a break away from the stresses of work. We treated ourselves to a night in a wonderful hotel. The Saturday we just spent relaxing enjoying the hotel. We went swimming in the pool, walked around the grounds and relaxed in the hotel room. On the Sunday after a hearty cooked breakfast we went for a walk around Oxford. Our first stop was the Ashmolean museum. This museum is filled with archaeology and art. We then walked around Oxford. Although it was a wet day, Oxfords old buildings still looked beautiful.

Could this hotel look anymore English? 

Ducks - Have I told you I love ducks! The river Thames ran along the end of the hotel grounds. Which meant I got to see lots of ducks and geese. I woke up the next morning, stood on the balcony and saw a duck waddling down through the car park.

Spring - Dare I say it? If feels like spring! There I've said it, hopefully there won't be anymore cold spells. Last Thursday was the first time this year I've been able to have my lunch outside. I had my cheese and pickle sandwich sat under a tree looking at the daffodils and trees. I felt refreshed by the fresh air and went into my afternoon of training with a spring in my step.

Have a good week!


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