Wonderful Wednesday #13

Number 13 of Wonderful Wednesday, unlucky for some! This week has not been unlucky for me but it has been a busy one. I can't wait until Thursday as I've been working 7 days in a row. I'm going to put my feet up, catch up with some Netflix series and some blog reading.  Before that happens lets list the highlights of the week.

Swimming - I went swimming on the day that was apparantly the hottest day in June since 1976. The pool water was lovely,  just the cool down I needed with added exercise. After swimming I went in the cafe and had a lemon san pellegrino and lemon drzzle cake. Well when life gives you lemons.. 

New hair - A desperately needed hair cut was booked. My hair was becoming unruly and thick. I had it trimmed back into a neat bob, perfect for warm weather. 

Free cake - Food always tastes better when it's free, doesn't it? This week I've had free carrot cake and blueberry muffins left over from meetings. Coffee and cake mid afternoon is a wonderful treat.

Glastonbury - I didn't go this year but I enjoyed the BBC coverage on TV. My highlights were Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. The Foo Fighters rocked hard, a great choice for them to headline Saturday night. Royal Blood make so much noise for a two man band. There was a great moment when they cracked open the champagne mid set when they found out their album had gone to number one. 
A little fact for you, my late great auntie Ella was in one of the Glastonbury adverts. Great auntie Ella lived in Pilton which is where the Glastonbury festival site is, one year they got local residents to share their experiences of the festival. She was on the advert saying "all you hear is boom boom boom". She was also known as one of the oldest paper girls in the UK. Although that title has been taken by someone else now. My Great Auntie Ella was a legend. 

Sleep - It was so hot a week ago it didn't even cool down at night. It's cooled down a little now and with new cotton sheets sleep as come easier. It's always nice waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day instead of grumpy and sleepy. 

Wild Walks - This week I walked around the local country park to see how the baby swans were getting on. They'd grown a lot in a few weeks, sadly there are only 7 cygnets now, they lost one. They are still cute and fluffy. I also watched the dragnoflies darting over the water, they were a brilliant blue colour.  

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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