30 Days Wild update.

Hello wild explorers,

I have taken my laptop outside to write this, I'm sat on my outside furniture under my parasol on a beautiful summers day. How could you not love being outside surrounded by nature. I've had a wild week, which again has cost me nothing. I've been walking the scenic way to walk and spending more time looking in hedgerows. I've been looking up at the sky more, white fluffy clouds against a blue sky during the day and pink wispy clouds in the evening.

I cut the grass again but left my wild patch uncut. It's grown quite well in 17 days, the grass is long and there are many types of "weeds". The woodlice and spiders seem to love this area and I even saw a blackbird having a look around it this morning. I've also added a few pine cones and a old metal jug. I'm creating a bug village not a bug hotel. 

I've been looking at ladybirds this week. There is a path just around the corner from where I live that has a wide range of wild plants lining the path. I am planning to record each variety of plant next week to show the diversity there. The ladybirds seem to love the thistles growing on the edge of the path.

The bumble bees love the cows parsley growing there. They were buzzing around so quickly, it took a lot of patience to take this photo.

This week I've had a lot of blackbirds and thrush's visit the garden. Which reminded me to fill up the bird feeders, but they seem more interested in the worms they keep finding. 

Doing something wild every day has not been difficult, but if you are struggling to think of a wild activity you can download the 30 days wild app. The app is easy to use and free. 

Have a wild week and keep sharing your random acts of wildness. 




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