Wonderful Wednesday #11

It's that time of the week again - wonderful Wednesday time. This week has been a wild one, I'm taking part in 30 days wild. Organised by the wildlife trusts its about connecting with nature and doing something wild every day of June. I'll post a separate 30 days wild week one post in the next few days. Let's get on with the wonderful highlights of the week.

Jelly - Not just any old jelly, Marks and Spencers jelly. Picking a meal and a pudding from M&S is a treat. I picked a raspberry fruit jelly pot it tasted like summer in a pot.

Rainy days - when you don't have to go out. There's something satisfying and relaxing about watching the rain from the comfort of the sofa.

A pleasant walk - Me and the hubby had a lovely walk around our local country park. The sun was shining, I had my sun hat and sunglasses on - it felt like a proper summer's day. We followed the stream into the woods. I was on the hunt for wild flowers and spotted quite a few different examples.

Baby swans - Yes I know they are called cygnets but baby swans sounds more cute. A few weeks ago you may remember I posted about a swans nest. On Saturday it was time to see the cygnets. The proud swan parents had 8 cygnets. They are so fluffy and cute.

Springwatch - I love watching springwatch I watch every episode and I wish it would go on for longer. Of course I watch it for the wildlife but also for Chris packham's outrageous jumpers and Michaela  Strachan's animal T-shirts's

That's it for my Wonderful Wednesday if you want more check out these blogs: Sally, Kate, Peta, Cat, Helen, Michelle ElKelly




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