Wonderful Wednesday #9

It's a wet Wednesday today, it's pouring with rain here. I'm not looking forward to my walk to work. I shouldn't moan though, the weather has been fine for weeks and the garden is enjoying a good water. 

This week has been getting back to normal routine of work and home life. I still feel relaxed from my holiday though. Let's begin the list of wonderful moments. 

Pancakes - Friday night was pancake night. I love the fact I always have the ingredients for pancakes in the kitchen, so any night could be pancake night. I chose strawberries, bananas and maple syrup as my topping. 

Sewing in the sun - The sunshine was pouring through the spare room window at the weekend. It lit up my sewing machine reminding me I had some bunting to finish. It's nice to use my sewing machine for something other than repairs and alterations to clothes. 

Gardening - I love pottering around in the garden. I mowed the lawn, tidied the borders and planted out the marigolds I grew from seed. 

Dress and hair trials - It's not often I get to dress up and have my hair styled. This weekend my friend is getting married and I am maid of honour so there has been a lot of wedding preparations and a bit of stress this week. I'm really hoping the sun will shine. 

That's it for my wonderful Wednesday this week. Next week will be a longer list and it will be Wonderful Wednesday number 10!

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