Wonderful Wednesday #10

I missed last week, so I have 2 weeks worth of wonderful for you.  I'm writing this before going to the tedious annual health and safety training.  Hopefully the list will give me the motivation to get through hump day.

Decorations - I had been putting off finishing my friends wedding bunting for some time. Two days before the wedding it was finished. I locked myself in the spare room with coffee and biscuits, the sun was streaming through the window which helped. The day before the wedding was decorating day. We had two venues to decorate.  Luckily we had a team of bridesmaids, bride, groom and family members to put on 180 chair covers and bows, table decorations, lights and all the other little touches.

Wedding - It finally arrived, my friends got married. The week before the wedding was a bit manic, but I thrived on the deadlines and it was lovely to spend time with friends. There was last minute dress alterations, panic buying, forgotten flowers and rain. In the end everything turned out well. I was so emotional, I got choked up about 3 times I felt so proud of my friends. Being maid of honour really was an honour.

A perfect Sunday - A perfect Sunday to me is a lie in, a roast dinner followed by a walk.

Paperwork - I hate paperwork, I could never work in a office. I find it tedious filling out forms and filing but this week I was determined to do just that. I rarely sort through the paperwork and I found years and years worth of letters. I now need a shredder and have a nice tidy filing system.

Peach crumble - I always have the ingredients for a crumble. I usually make an apple crumble but this time I just emptied a can of peaches and put the crumble mix on top. With hot custard it tasted delicious.

Fresh herbs - I planted some herbs in the garden a few months ago. I have them in a tub near the back door so when I'm cooking I can just pop out and cut some tasty fresh herbs.

Crochet - I may have miscalculated my blanket measurements. I was meant to be crocheting a small rainbow blanket. I'm just over half way through its looking good but bigger than planned.

That's​ it for this week. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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