Wonderful Wednesday #8

Last week I missed Wonderful Wednesday, I just wasn't feeling it. This week however, I am definitely feeling wonderful. I've just returned from a lovely family holiday in Dorset.  We stayed in a cottage in a small village near the seaside town of Swanage. This list could go on and on so I will do a few separate holiday posts so keep your eyes open for them. Lets get on with the weeks wonderful list.

Breakfast - I don't know if I've mentioned this before, I love breakfast. I think people who don't have breakfast are crazy. I can't function without a mug of coffee and a good breakfast. Holiday breakfasts are the best. We stayed in a self catering cottage. Once myself and my mother in law figured out how to use the oven we had some tasty cooked breakfasts. Even toast and marmalade tastes better on holiday. We ate in a nice sunny dining room with views of the garden and the sea. It was a novelty eating a hearty leisurely breakfast at the dining room table. Usually I just grab a bowl of cereal and plonk myself down on the sofa.

Lambs - My sister in law married a farmer and lives in a quaint farm cottage, which we stayed just down the road from. In her garden shed she has 8 lambs that she is looking after. They needed feeding 3 times a day, we were more than happy to help out. The lambs were very cute, we went down each day to feed, give them strokes and cuddles and keep them from eating the rose bushes.

Wildlife - We stayed in rural Dorset and saw a lot of wildlife. We saw lots of farm animals, birds, rabbits, deer, a bat and many insects. There was many wild flowers in the hedgerows. We went on many walks, enjoying the fresh air and wildlife.

Mismatched crockery - On sunday we went to the local tea rooms for lunch. It was a proper vintage cafe with mismatched crockery. Each meal was on a different vintage plate and each glass was different. The place was decorated with vintage furniture and prints. The tea rooms is even advertised on a vintage Morris Minor car.

Bacon sarnies and coffee - We had a 30 minute gap in between trains on the way home. We went to Costa and was surprised to see with a medium or large coffee you could add a bacon sandwich  for a pound. I'm not sponsored by Costa by the way. It really tasted good whilst sitting in the sun waiting for our next train. 

Home Sweet Home - As much as I love being on holiday, I do get home sick by around day 4. I always have been a home bird. I must have been a homing pigeon in a previous life. When I was a child my mum and dad would take me on a summer holiday to Spain for 2 weeks. We did this every year and they could never understand why I got so homesick after the first week. My hubby is much more understanding. We go on 3 holidays a year, 4 days at a time. Having a cup of tea on my own sofa after unpacking was bliss. 

I had a really wonderful week with the family in the sunshine. 

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Have a good week! 


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