Wonderful Wednesday #3

I can't believe it's Wednesday already, the last week has flown by. Here's my list of wonderful things from the week.

Swimming - I'm trying to go swimming at least once every two weeks. Each time I swim I do an extra two lengths. I really feel like my muscles have worked hard afterwards which makes the well deserved coffee and cake taste better. 

Sunshine  -  It's so nice to see the sun. Soaking in that vitamin D really does put me in a good mood. I love being able to have a cup of tea in the garden without having to put a coat on.

Netflix - Friday was the release of series 3 of Grace and Frankie. This programme always makes me laugh. Grace and Frankie become unlikely friends when their husbands announce that they are in a relationship with each other. Its well worth a watch.

Gardening - Saturday morning after a big fry up was spent in the garden. The weather was finally good enough that I was able to cut the grass. I pulled the weeds out of the borders and trimmed bushes. By late morning the garden was looking tidy and my husband had just finished the hoovering. Which meant we could relax in the afternoon, having completed our jobs.

Volunteering - I spent Sunday morning volunteering as a marshall at my towns half marathon. I was based in a rural location at the 8 mile mark. It was lovely stood at the top of the hill in the sunshine. My main duties were to ensure road closures were in place and keep an eye on the runners. The winner completed the 13 miles in 1 hour 13 minutes. I'm happy to show my support to the runners and give my time to ensure the smooth running (excuse the pun) of the event. I got a nice free packed lunch and I received a lovely thank you email today. You can't buy the satisfaction you get from volunteering.

"Mines a mug of green tea please, I'll be outside."

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