Sewing for spring.

This week I've become friends with my sewing machine again. I gave my Husqvarna sewing machine a dust off, cleaned out all the fluff and changed the needle. For some reason i thought it was really difficult to change the needle on a sewing machine. I had visions of me not putting the needle in right and the needle flying at my face when I started sewing. None of that happened, it was just fine. Followed the instructions, new needle, no problem.
I Found this gorgeous geometric fabric to make cushion covers for my sofa.
I know what your thinking.... Those scissors are awesome!
I decided to make a simple envelope style cushion. Easy to make and easy to wash. I made the cushion cover an inch smaller than the cushion pad making it a little bit more plumper.

I'm very pleased with the finished product. Time to relax on the sofa now. 
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