Wonderful Wednesday #1


Welcome to my first wonderful Wednesday post.  I stumbled upon a blog called Sally Tangle and found a beautiful collection of blogs sharing their weeks antics under the #WonderfulWednesdays.

I've re-written a paragraph at least half a dozen times where I introduce myself, but it kept sounding like a lonely hearts advert. One husband is enough, I don't need another one! So to stop my delete button from wearing out  I'm skipping the introduction. You'll get to know me through my blog posts.

Sewing: This week I've been making cushions for my sofa. I love this geometric fabric.
sewing for spring blog post

Spring: I'm celebrating surviving the grey dull winter. Spring has arrived - blue skies, green grass, yellow daffodils and pink blossom.
I love spring flowers.
Fitness: I'm on a fitness drive at the moment. I went swimming twice last week, I swam 14 lengths each time. I also got my bike out of the shed for the first time this year and went for a 40 minute cycle ride. It's making me feel fabulous although my legs do ache.

Weekend break: I spent the weekend in Bath. We stayed in a gorgeous manor house hotel, old fashioned on the outside, modern on the inside. It was set in beautiful grounds. I felt like a lady and didn't want to come back to our common two bedroom house.

So that was my week, thanks for stopping by. 

Go and have a look on twitter #WonderfulWednesday for some sit down with a cup of tea blog reading. 


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