Week 3 of 30 Days Wild

Week 3 of 30 Days Wild was a very wet week. Heavy rain stopped me from doing some of the wild things I had planned. Nature is still there though whatever the weather. So I grabbed my umbrella and went for a walk. I admired the plants along the path I took.
I also spent the weekend at Lyme Regis in Dorset. Lyme Regis is a seaside town with independent shops lining the high street, fish restaurants and a pebble and sand beach. Lyme Regis has changed over the years due to landslides changing the landscape. The area is well known for fossils.

I was planning and dreaming of rock pooling and looking for shells and fossils. Unfortunately it didn't turn out like that. I had a lovely weekend but it was grey and wet.  

We had a walk around the gardens just above the beach. It contained some lovely plants and even a hare.

Here's hoping this week will be a sunny one full of wild things. 


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