30 Days Wild.

If you haven't heard about 30 days wild yet then where have you been? 30 days wild is about connecting with nature, doing something wild every day in June. My twitter news feed is filled with beautiful nature pictures from people taking part in #30DaysWild.
I've always enjoyed being outside but I'm hoping 30 days wild will connect me to nature even more. The 30 days wild app contains 101 'random act of wildness' to give you inspiration of how to spend June. I have a list of ideas for June, these include: making a bug hotel, bug watch, identifying wild flowers, rock pooling and a litter pick. So follow me on my wild adventure, I will be blogging once a week in June and posting regular updates on twitter @homemooed.

30 Days wild - week one.

June 1st - A very overcast and wet day - stayed indoors in the dry watching the birds in my garden.

Spotted: Pigeon, Blackbird, Thrush, Blue tit, Starling.

June 2nd - A nice sunny day in the garden.

My herb corner.

yummy pollen!

My patio rose.
nasturtium "Banana split"
 June 3rd - cloud watching.

June 4th - We walked the scenic route into town, where we played hide and seek with a grey squirrel. This squirrel knew he was spotted, he hid behind the tree trunk and jumped from branch to branch. Jumping from tree to tree we only had this squirrel in our sight for a few seconds at a time.

June 5th - I plan to watch the BBC springwatch live wildlife cameras.

Stay wild!


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