Wonderful Wednesday #20

It's Wednesday again, which means it's time to list the wonderful moments of the week. The past week really has been a lovely one.

Fireworks - I'm sure most people's blogs this week will contain fireworks. Saturday night was spent with the family in the grounds of a castle watching the fireworks. We all wrapped up warm and looked up to the sky.

Wedding - It was my mother in law's wedding on the Sunday. It was a beautiful autumnal day. They got married in a hotel which was a beautiful old building with modern decor. The formal gardens were full of autumnal trees, perfect for photos. At the end of the garden were three goats who me and my sister in law fell in love with. The flowers were beautiful autumnal colours. It was a small wedding with close family and friends. They chose to have roast dinner for their wedding breakfast. When it got dark we all went outside to have sparklers. It was a beautiful day filled with memories and laughter.

#Win - I do love a competition, I've been entering a lot of Twitter competitions lately. I find it's easy to retweet and follow, no complicated forms to fill in. A few weeks ago I found out I had won a prize from Ora. I won a box of 100 Puffin book cover  postcards. This week my prize arrived and I opened it straight away. They are lovely to look through and I may frame some to put on the wall of my new house (sorry had to drop in the new house - not sorry). It's true what they say - You've got to be in it to win it! Why not give a competition a try, you never know when you might get lucky.

The boys - We kept the bunnies indoors all weekend to keep them safe from the fireworks. We bought them a large indoor cage from amazon (what did we do before amazon) I made it all comfy with a blanket, newspaper, hay and treats. As soon as the boys got in there they were moving things around and shredding newspaper, hence why there is no photo of them in their indoor cage.

A wild night out - On Thursday night hubby and I went to the theatre. We went to see Chris Packham - a wild night out. It was a wildlife talk with plenty of incredible photos that he had taken. It was really interesting. He shared the stage with his dog scratchy who led in his dog bed for most of it. Hubby bought me a half time drink and ice cream which was enjoyed. It made a nice change from our usual Thursday nights sat on the sofa watching TV.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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