Wonderful Wednesday #19

Some weeks I think I'll never be able to put together a list of wonderful moments. This week has been one of those. I've been stressed about not having a concrete moving in date and work has been so busy. Sometimes we all need to sit down to reflect and realise that - hey it's not that bad. There will be no negativity in this post and it's going to be a longer list than I thought it would be.

Nirvana - When I'm doing housework I like to put on some music. Browsing my CD collection I came across Nirvana's greatest hits album. Blasting out this classic 90's rock band I felt youthful and the house work was done in no time. Heart shaped box is one of my favourite Nirvana songs.

Autumnwatch - I always enjoy nature programs and Autumnwatch is one of my favourites. I'm quite jealous of the woman in Bournemouth who has foxes visit her garden every night. I'm thinking how can I build a fox gate and will they scare the rabbits. Wildlife is always welcome in my garden.

New house - The new house is going to be mentioned for many weeks - sorry (not sorry). I love hearing little updates from the builders. We were told this week that on Tuesday they will be putting in the kitchen and on Friday the garden fence will go up. It's becoming very close to being finished now, I can't wait to move in.

Dodging the showers - Don't worry I don't mean that I haven't had a wash this week. I mean getting home just before it pours down with rain. Sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea watching the rain tap on the window thinking - I'm glad I'm in here.

Bunny cuddles - After being stroked every day since we got them at 12 weeks old the boys are more used to us humans. It was wet and windy one evening so Scamp and Harvey came indoors for an hour. Scamp was lifted up on to the sofa and was quite happy on my lap watching the Apprentice. Harvey was just chilling out on the floor he doesn't really like people that much, he will allow you to stroke him but he does not like cuddles.

The Book of Dust - I have been waiting for this book for so long. When the delivery driver delivered it on Thursday I got so excited, I snatched it out of her and thanked her a bit too much. I had stayed up late the night before to finish the book I was reading in preparation for the arrival of this book. This is the first book of a trilogy to go along side the previous Dark Materials trilogy.  I'm enjoying it so far getting lost in this fantasy parallel world with new characters as well as the old ones.

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Happy Wednesday!


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