Wonderful Wednesday #16

As I write this my two fur babies are at the vets being neutered. I do feel sorry for them and hope their ok. They weren't happy when they got in the carrier this morning. Harvey was head butting the carrier door and Scamp just looked sheepish. Someone must have told them they were losing their manhood.

I've missed a few wonderful Wednesday's now - sorry! August has been a crazy month! I will do an August round up post at the end of the week. Let's get on with the wonderful list.

Tea - This week I've bought the twinnings fruit selection box. They are so tasty I just bought another box in Asda this morning. I think the blackcurrant and blueberry tea is my favourite. Best of all they come in individual sachets so I can pop one in my bag to take to work.

Harvey and Scamp - The boys are growing well which isn't surprising the amount they eat. I just don't think they know they are growing.

A country wedding - An old school friend got married last weekend at a country Inn. The day was filled with love, flowers, fun, cider and cheese. Second wedding of the year done, two more to attend.

A bank holiday!?! - I'm usually working bank holiday Monday but this time it fell on my day off. The sun was shining and the hubby and I spent the day relaxing and not really doing much.

Free pens - This may just be me, but I really do get excited over a free pen. I only attend training to get a free pen. Stay in hotels to get the free pen. Pretend to be I interested in trade stands to get the free pen. It makes me happy.

That's me for today, I will be making a August round up post so keep your eyes open for that. I'm off to collect the boys from the vet, hopefully they won't be too sleepy.



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