Wonderful Wednesday #14

I'm writing this post on a tired Tuesday. Monday night was one of those nights where I  just couldn't sleep. I don't whether I was too hot, that afternoon coffee or my husbands snoring that was keeping me awake. I think it was probably all three. Anyway enough moaning, lets get on with the wonderful list.

Country Show - On Saturday myself, hubby and a few friends went off to our local country show. The show had all your typical Somerset things - Cider, cows, pigs, sheep and tractors. My highlight were the goats, I wish I could have taken one home.

There were also some fairground rides at the show. Hubby and I picked to share a bumper car. I hadn't been in a bumper car for years, I'd forgotten how much fun it was. Hubby was brave and let me drive, I tailgated my friends, did a few 180's and followed my hubbys orders to get that "guy in the purple hoody". I have a nice big bruise from where my knee hit the steering wheel each time we bumped, but it was worth the pain.

Tasty treats - Do any of you watch The Apprentice? Last years winner was Alana who pitched a homemade cakes business to Alan Sugar. Her company - Ridiculously Rich had a stall at the show. Alana was at another food market unfortunately, but her Bristol representative was doing a good job of running the stall. All the cakes on the stall looked tasty. I chose a salted caramel slice, her take on a millionaire shortbread. It was ridiculously yummy!

Traditional Sunday - I didn't get a lie in but apart from that my Sunday was perfect. We went out for lunch in a village pub with the mother in law. I had roast beef with all the trimmings followed by a baked cheesecake with blueberry compote. We went back to the MIL's for a game of scrabble. I got rubbish letters most of the game so I didn't do well. Who can make a word out of OOEEIIY? I sat down in the evening to watch Poldark - perfect ending to a Sunday.

CD's - Remember those? I tend to stream music on Spotify or put on Youtube nowadays. The CD player is just sat there gathering dust. This week however, the music coming out of the speakers has blown the dust away. I got the new Royal Blood CD - How Did We Get So Dark. Its a really good rock album that I can't stop listening to. We should support music artists we like by buying their music.

A shopping trip - Monday afternoon was spent shopping with the mother in law. I bought a lovely dress from Yumi. I love Yumi I could literally buy everything in their shop. I managed to narrow it down to 3 dresses I liked and then down to one that really suited me. I'm planning to wear it in September for my dad's wedding. After wandering around the shops we stopped for coffee and cake. A lovely afternoon was had, who said they don't like Mondays - not me!

Have a good week!


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