A weekend away in Bristol

Hi bloggers,
I have a new tablet so bear with me, there may be mistakes. Technology was not my friend yesterday setting up a new tablet AND a new phone. I've also had to change my google+ name so please add me on my new Emma Sealey account thank you. I now have to figure out how to delete my old one (sigh). 

Anyway on with my little trip. We spent last weekend in Bristol getting pampered in a luxury hotel. We went shopping in the vintage clothe shops and did some sight seeing.
In the M shed a free museum. 

SS Great Britain in a dry dock.

Bristol docks.

Aboard the SS Great Britain

Bristol docks

A plane flying to Bristol airport.

We were very lucky with the weather. A break in the clouds is unusual at the moment here.
Bristol is a very cultural city in south west England and was awarded European green capital. It is home to many of Basnksys graffiti art.
The SS Great Britain was left to rust but was rescued and re floated and brought home to Bristol on a pontoon - a 8,000 mile journey. It has been restored as a museum on a dry dock. Well worth a visit.
The M shed is a free museum of culture and history of Bristol. Bristol is a great place to visit for a mixture of sight seeing and shopping and countless restaurants.

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