Garden times

Hi bloggers,
The sun is shining, it's time to go out into the garden. The daffodils have died down, the bulbs dried out and put away in the shed until autumn, freeing up pot space for summer flowers. The flower beds are dug and new plants are in place.

 We have a wildlife area in our garden. It's just a small area where we let the grass, wild flowers and weeds grow. I think every garden should have a place like this, it costs nothing and you don't need green fingers. It attracts all sorts of butterflies, bees and insects.I was unsuccessful at taking a picture of a bee I think it was a bit excited about all the pollen it wouldn't keep still. 
The wildlife garden.
The marigolds.

House leek basking in the sun

Verbena voodoo (I love the name!)


Enjoy the weekend bloggers, I hope it's full of sunshine, relaxing and fun! 


  1. The wildlife area looks lovely :) What's a house leek? new follow from me :) x <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by! A house leek - sempervivum is the proper name, as long as it's in the sun it's easy to grow. It likes rock gardens x


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