A walk through the Eden Project

 Hello blog friends,

 Last week I went on holiday in Cornwall and whilst there I visited the Eden Project (again! I've been there three times now). I had a lovely time and wanted to share it with you.

 The Eden Project is a charity and social enterprise. It was built in an old china clay quarry. There are two Biomes (giant golf ball greenhouses) to explore, The rain forest Biome and the Mediterranean Biome. A little fact for you: You could fit the tower of London in the rain forest Biome. There is also lots of outdoor gardens and lots to learn in the education centre.
So lets take a wander.
Birds of paradise plant.
In the Mediterranean Biome

The rain forest Biome - so hot in there!

Banana tree
One of many pieces of art out in the garden.

Beautiful arches.
So many flowers.
I hope you enjoyed a little view into the Eden Project. If your ever in Cornwall you must visit these beautiful gardens. Enjoy the sunshine! A sight of summer at last!
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  1. Looks wonderful we went to Cornwall at Easter. We didn't make Eden but looking at your photos I wish we had. We went to the lost gardens of heligan which was lovely.
    Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful time.
    I would definitely go back to Cornwall again it's so beautiful x

    1. The lost gardens of heligan is on my list to visit. We go to Cornwall most years :) it is beautiful x


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