Knit one....

I have finally taught myself to knit with a little help from books, the Internet and a 97 year old lady. At the moment I am knitting every day.
I treated myself to a lovely case full of knitting needles.
Hopefully I have every size needle a beginner needs. Just need some circular needles, the thought of this scared me though, I'll get use to straight ones first.
I started off practising knit and purl stitches and changing colour. So I've got the basics covered. I Learnt the basic stitches from a Prima knitting book and went to my old friend for guidance and to judge my work. After practising the stitches i made a headband with a bow (future post to come, I forgot to take a picture of it). My current project I am working on is a scarf.
I love this wool I am calling this project "The camo girl scarf". Its very basic just knit stitch all the way - stocking stitch (stockinette stitch US term). I have learnt how to do neat edges (thank you Google). The way i get non bumpy edges is to slip the first stitch and then purl the last stitch on each row.

Also very dangerous at the moment is a 50% haberdashery sale in my local department store, I'm going to need some bigger craft storage boxes!!

I am loving my fellow blog friends garden pictures at the moment so keep posting them please!
Keep crafting

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