The spring weather has finally arrived, lets hope it stays. The spring flowers are looking lovely.
I love these smaller daffodils (narcissuss 'tete-a-tete')

Lesser celandine - I like celandines they are like a spring buttercup, in the UK the lesser celandine is sometimes seen as a weed as it spreads quite a bit. Its not a weed in my garden I let it spread its pretty yellow flowers.

I'm not sure what flower this is? Do you? I wasn't aware i planted this, I planted lots of daffodil and tulip bulbs in the autumn so perhaps this sneaked in one of the mixed bag.

My current project is a baby blanket in baby blue soft wool.

So at the moment I'm enjoying the nice weather while it lasts and crocheting the baby blanket for my friend. A few of my friends are pregnant at the moment so it looks like I'll be busy making baby blankets for a while. I must dust my sewing machine! Anyway time to hang the washing...outside! Keep crafting!

Thanks for reading.


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