Hurry up spring!

The weather in the U.K is horrible at the moment - wet and windy every day. On the news it makes it look like the whole of somerset is flooded - its not luckily. It is miserable stay indoors and craft weather. Out of my kitchen window I can see a sign of spring though.
I planted lots of bulbs in autumn and im happy that they are all coming up to say hello. This is the first one to flower.

I've been busy crafting because of the indoors weather.
Felt fish made from my christmas present craft goodies.

I'm starting another granny square blanket, this one is inspired by the union jack/winter olympics.
I've got lots of wool to keep me busy, my next project is going to be a baby blanket.

I'm not sure whether to make the baby blanket a granny square or something different.
Hope all you fellow bloggers are staying dry!
Thanks for reading


  1. Hello Emma.
    Gosh I know the weathers been terrible and more rain this week apparently. Lovely to see your spring daffodil flowering mine wont be out for a while yet, but my snow drops are out now.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with your baby blanket x


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