First blog post of the year!

Well here it is.... January! The Christmas decorations have been put away, leftovers eaten up, presents put away and purses a little lighter than they used to be. I hope all you bloggers had a good Christmas/new year. My Christmas and new year was lovely and quiet this year. I must admit I was spoilt over Christmas.

Craft book, buttons, wrist warmers.
Lovely craft box.
I'm going to be busy using all that fabric and ribbons.

I'm going to have a few hours sewing now, unfortunately the first few projects are mending clothes nothing exciting. England has miserable storms at the moment, high winds and flooding. Best to stay indoors at the moment with a mug of coffee and a needle and thread.

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  1. Happy new year Em. Looks like you've had some lovely gifts. Love the sewing basket. Good luck with the mending sooner that's done sooner you can make more fun things x

    1. I've mended my partners trousers now went on to make a fish! My little fish will be swiming onto my blog soon :) x

  2. Happy New year, looks like you had some lovely crafty gift, the work box is soooooooo cute.
    Clare x


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