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Oh dear Ive neglected my blog I haven't posted since august! Well a lot of things have happened since then. Here's my excuse dear blog I've been busy working and stuff. Not a great excuse is it? I will try my best to blog more (mainly telling myself this to get motivated).

This week I have lots of time for crafting. Yay! So today I got my sewing machine out, after dusting it off I set it up and made a peg bag. I've just been using a carrier bag for my pegs and it looked a little sad. So I thought I'd make myself a peg bag. So here it is...
I found this kids T shirt in a massive mountain of clothes in a local jumble sale. I loved the boats on it.
It cost me the grand total of 10 pence. To make this T shirt into a peg bag I sewed up the sleeves and then turned it inside out to sew up the bottom. I sewed along it twice to make it stronger. I turned it back the right way and sewed under where I was to place the coat hanger. I put in the old coat hanger and put my pegs in and there we have it a new upcycled peg bag for 10p. It was a very quick easy and useful project.

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  1. What a great idea Emma. I love the boat print too. Hope your having some less busy times. Nice to see you back x


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