Simple sewing.

I used my sewing machine for the first time in months today. I have'nt negleted my sewing machine by choice I carefully had it packed away in its box. I now have a lovely craft desk to put it on. I thought I'd forget how to set it up but luckily I did'nt. I still thought I should do some simple sewing to start with to get me in the sewing flow again, so I made some napkins.

I found this fabric in a little craft shop ages ago and I knew it would be perfect for napkins. It was in a random fabric bin and only cost a couple pounds  I can probably make at least two more out of the fabric I have left. Much cheaper than buying napkins in a shop and of course its much more satisfying to have something you've made on your table. The napkins were very quick and easy to make I cut out a square of fabric measuring 36cm x 36cm and double hemmed around the edge. I've only made two so far. I'll have to make some more if I want to host a dinner party.

Thanks for reading.



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