I heart you cheap Christmas!

Christmas blog number one, I'll call it that because I hope I'll have time to do other Christmas posts. If I can stop eating, shaking and prodding presents and watching Christmas films then I will blog more over the festive period. Who can resist a mince pie and the Muppet's Christmas carol though?

I hope you've all got your lovely decorations up. If not, why not? If it's because you think decorations are too expensive then you're right but there is alternatives. Charity shops are great places for cheap decorations, they sell new and unwanted decorations.

The other alternative is to make your own decorations. I'm sure when you were younger you made lots of Christmas decorations, paper snowflakes, paper chains and cotton wool snowmen. So why stop now? They don't have to be perfect they just have to look festive.

This year I have made lots of felt hearts. They look great on the Christmas tree but I also hang them around the house the rest of the year. All you need is some felt, some buttons, ribbon and needle and thread. I have sewn these by hand.

Merry Christmas!


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