T - shirt cushions.

It's been a wet and windy week the weather is not very inspiring really so I haven't done a great deal of crafting this week. I have been doing a secret Christmas project but you'll have to wait for that. So as its wet and windy I thought I'd show you something I've made which is........
totally unrelated and something I made a while ago.

Upcycling is turning something that is going to waste into something new and cool. My boyfriend was sorting out his wardrobe and I managed to claim some of his T - shirts. I picked ones with cool designs and logos and turned them into cushion covers.

I think they look much better as cushions. I've got lots more old T - shirts to make into cushion covers, they are on hold at the moment because my sewing machine is in a box. I've got lots of cushions already, but a lady can never have too many cushions, can she?

I bought some lovely flowers on Saturday. I remembered after I bought them that my vases are in boxes too, my life is in boxes at the moment. So I have put these flowers in a ginger beer bottle (after drinking the ginger beer and washing the bottle) I like the fact it looks like an old fashioned bottle.

So next time you go to throw something in the bin, think can I upcycle this?
Together we will be wombles!
Thanks for reading.


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